About Company

Audire is a product created by Stratis Infotech which is a global provider of Business intelligence services, Infrastructure Management, Technology Management services and Outsourcing. Our key focus is to empower our customers with business solutions and services through state-of-the art technology and best-of-breed business processes which gave us Audire a simple yet advanced technology which is built in order to get surveys and feedbacks.

Audire is a business intelligence and marketing tool which uses a simple 3 step process for delivering and reporting surveys back to the user. Its ease of use and simplified reporting formats make it easy for any business owner in obtaining information of their clients satisfaction. The different fuctions and customization options in Audire make it one of the best tools for business intelligence in the market.


Providing small business owners an opportunity of understanding their clientel and helping them grow their business.


We believe in growth of not just our own organisation but also the growth of other business owners around us.


A team of dedicated individuals who have been In the IT sector for over two decades who have come together to create Audire to help business owners understand their clients and to get a better view of what they need. Specializing in different technologies and working with different organisations they brought together their views and understanding of the market in creating Audire.