Engage your customer with coupons

Coupons are a way to maximize your business output by providing returning or new customers with a option to get a product or a service as a benefit of choosing your company.

Create and manage coupons

Quickly create personalized coupons. Options to set business logo, coupon heading, value, details, code and expiration date.

Send to your prospective customers by SMS or email

Contact lists feature allows to import and manage contacts by category. Deliver coupons to any contact list via email or text.

Customizable email subject and sms text. Option to send using your business email address.

Emails feature unsubscribe option to allow customers to opt out of the coupon emails.

Search for coupons issued to a customer

Audire maintains a list of emails or mobile numbers to which the coupon is sent.

Search a customer’s email or mobile number to get a list of coupons sent to that customer and the redemption status of each coupon.

Redeem a coupon after customer avails it

Once a customer checks-in to use the coupon received via email or mobile, Audire allows to query the sent coupon and mark it as redeemed.