Audire: A case study on Schools

Some of the most common activities in schools are

  • Admissions
  • Gate entry
  • Paper management
  • Events form management


One of the most hectic yet fruitful time in a school is admissions. It brings forward a ton of paperwork along with the necessity to organise the admission forms in file cabinets and having to look around for them when we need them.

Audire’s simplified forms system helps in solving this issue with our state of the art reporting system. Audire has the functionality of not only creating the form according to how you need it but also the capability of adding your chosen image to the form. The form saves according to the date and time of admissions. You can later check the created forms in the reports where you will get individual data of all the forms using the filter required.

As a administrator all you need to do is create your admission form and add it in kiosk mode to your school tablets using which the parents can fill them out. You can also add QR code links of the form so that anyone can use their camera and access the form on their mobile phone and fill them up accordingly.

With the amount of pollution and harm being caused to the environment we would like to showcase this method as a way to also contribute to the safety of our planet by not wasting paper on a process that can be managed equally with the use of technology.

You can also use this form as a parents feedback form and gain their valued customer feedback on how the process of admission was with a simple questionnaire.

Gate Entry

Security is one of the highest concern of any school but one of the largest used methods of capturing the data of security teams is book keeping. Though it has been in use for a very long time we at Audire feel that with the advancement of technology the method of bookkeeping can be upgraded to provide a more secure and reliable way of gathering the data. Using the same form creation features we can create a security form which can be placed on a Tablet/QR code at the security station using which any visitor can create the registry.

After the data is entered into the form you can use our reports to find a log of all visitors’ entry and exit and also filter them according to your requirement.

We all have faced issues with book keeping where in the books get damaged and important data is lost. With data being the most important thing in modern day life and with having the option to save that data securely over the cloud and gaining access to it from anywhere in the world, Why pull back?

Parents can also feel secure knowing that every log of every visitor of the school is being kept safe over the cloud which would add to their children’s security on a daily base of knowing who is coming in and going out and who is visiting who.

Activity Management

Activities are a big part of bringing together not only the students of any school but also play a big role in building team work of the entire school and in keeping the parents involved in building the overall extra curricular side of their children. We at Audire want to help in building these bonds by helping you share your events with the parents and keeping them informed about any activities using our form creation system for events.

Using our dynamic forms you can not only create and send any events of your school to the parents but also get a feedback of how the event turned out after the event. With our multiple sharing functions you can share your events on any platforms such as social media, SMS, email, WhatsApp. You can also place QR codes or kiosks at any location accessible to the parents during the event so they can provide feedback at the same time.

The feedback form can help in gaining feedback of the parents, visitors, or any other client who might be visiting the school campus.

Paper management

The need for paper management is at the hour now, global warming is growing with each minute and one of the ways to control it is to plant more trees and reduce deforestation. We at Audire believe that’s if a issue can be reduced or eradicated with the use of technology then why wait?

Audire provides us with a few tools that can be used as a replacement of many day to day activities and processes that can help you reduce your daily paper work. One of the main reasons people use paper as it helps in storage of data in a visible format and is accessible. But with advancement in cloud computing we are able to store and access data from anywhere in the world with the click of a button.

So let’s start to close the gap in-between and build a better world.


Audire helps your school improve its technology by empowering you with the power of sharing and receiving feedback, managing your inward visitors, event sharing ,feedback for clients and most importantly the admissions process of your school. Using our feedback forms you can achieve multiple tasks for your day to day activities.

As they say “technology is what brings us together”. So let’s use technology and make our lives easier and at the same time preserve the environment for our future generations.